Car Interior Cleaning Tips

Autoglym_Interior__2564382bWhen someone decides to purchase a car and drive it off the lot it is all about the new-car smell. The automobile operates like a dream and the interior is impressive enough to invite their friends for a ride. That clean interior won’t stay that way for long; however, and pretty soon they will need to clean things up. This process may come naturally to some people while others may need some car interior cleaning tips. Whether they choose to handle the project on their own or pay a professional to do it for them the task should be a simple one.

Setting The Stage

One of the first car interior cleaning tips is to empty it of all movable contents. Use a trash bag and begin discarding anything that does not belong in and around the interior of the car. Pull out any floor mats and any other removable items such as musical instruments that are expected to be there. Use a shop vacuum and begin the process of picking up the dust and dirt that still exist. Remember to get under the seats and between the console and any area that would not normally be visible. Don’t forget to vacuum the floor mats before putting the vacuum aside.

The Nitty Gritty

The next item on any list of car interior cleaning tips would be spot cleaning with a decent surface cleaner. Begin with the seats and remember to evaluate everything, including the areas that may not be as obvious. Don’t forget to include the top deck and any stains that may have been hidden by the carpet on the floor. Focus on the ceiling of the interior which is a very common spot if young children are regular passengers. Vinyl surfaces are also important, but remember this is a spot cleaning exercise and not a cover up.

A Simple Solution

Every list of car interior cleaning tips should include the windows regardless of whether you enjoy doing them or not. Windows can be cleaned with generic or brand named solutions. The goal is to facilitate a clear line of sight from both sides of the pane. Vinyl cleaner should be used on all other surfaces to help bring out the new car shine that most people are looking for. For additional effect, consider rubbing the cleaner into the surface with a wax on wax off motion. The car is now clean and ready for use and the only thing left to do is to hang an air freshener.

How to recognize unprofessional towing services

images (16)The fact is that the average driver never thinks about hiring a towing service until an emergency happens. A company to haul their car off the side of the road is the last thing on their list of important things to do. However, the wise consumer should definitely do their homework. There are a lot of dishonest companies that are also very unprofessional. They usually approach the driver at a very critical moment. The driver is in desperate need, and they jump on that opportunity to use deceptive measures to scam the driver. Let’s take a closer look at how to recognize unprofessional towing services.

Deceptive Charges
An honest and dependable company is very upfront with the charges for their services. Beware deceptive practices provided by scam artists. They provide the customer with vague details about the cost for the tow. They are not above taking advantage of the consumer in a desperate situation.

No Communication
An honest and professional company is willing to communicate with the customer. They provide details and other important information about their service. They provide all contact information and answer your calls promptly. Beware of a service that gives out vague information about their company or does not provide a contact number or address.

Rude Behavior
A professional company treats all of their customers with courtesy and respect. They understand that the foundation of any business is built on great customer service and builds their reputation. An unprofessional company ignores your calls and disregards your concerns. The fact is that an unprofessional service does not care about providing top grade service.

No Professional Standing
Check out their professional standing in the community. Any service that you contract with should be insured and licensed. The fact is that there are a lot of dishonest people that are providing this type of service. They are not licensed or insured. Make sure that you investigate companies in your area before you actually require a service to haul your car. Check reviews online and visit their website for more information.

Lack Experience
Steer clear of companies that lack experience. The quality of their professionalism is also reflected in the amount of their experience. Always contract with a company that knows the business well.

How To Remove A Broken Ignition Key

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There is nothing more irritating or costly than breaking off an ignition key in a vehicle’s ignition lock. Not only does this render vehicles inoperable, but it can be costly to have the key professionally removed by a locksmith. What many motorists are unaware of is that ignition keys that break off in locks can often be easily removed in a few simple steps.

When keys break in the ignition key cylinder they generally break off flush to the cylinder, making them hard to remove since the broken part of the key is buried in the cylinder lock. The first step to removing the key from the ignition is to flush the lock with a lubricant that sprays into the lock. After spraying the lubricant into the lock, place the handle of the broken key slightly into the lock, only as a guide.A thin screw wire is needed for key removal. Take the wire and slide the wire on each side of the broken key. Continue to hold the screw wire in place, while removing the broken key head previously placed in the groves. After removing the broken key head, establish a tight grip on the broken key inside the cylinder. Do this by twisting the wire together. This allows for a tight grip on the broken key. Remove the broken key with the wires, shaking slighting up and down, while pulling. This should successfully remove the key, as well as prevent having to pay for professional broken ignition key removal in San Diego.If the broken key still isn’t coming loose, use a pair of needle nose pliers, and remove the key. The wires often move the broken piece forward, close enough to the front of the lock that a pair of needle nose pliers can be inserted. Remove the broken piece from the car’s lock cylinder. This is one method of removing the key.For those that don’t have wires handy, another method is using a pick, and inserting it into the lock, pulling the broken piece in the lock forward. Once far enough to the front, a pair of pliers, or a large magnet can be used to remove it. The car’s manual often advises on methods best used for broken key removal for the specific type of car lock on the vehicle. If these methods are unsuccessful then individuals may need to call a locksmith service, specializing in broken ignition key removal in San Diego.

Vehicle Towing Rental


Many drivers are unaware of the strict vehicle towing in Chula Vista, CA laws especially visitors to the second largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area. Parking fines are given to motorists that neglect to pay parking meters, or leave their vehicle in handicapped zones, loading zones, or bus lanes. However, most drivers are unaware of the fact that towing can occur if the vehicle is left unmoved for 72 hours.

These laws are upheld by the City of Chula Vista Police Department, run by Chief of Police David Bejarano. The Chula Vista Police Department is divided into three main divisions: the Administrative Services Division, the Patrol Operations Division, and the Investigations Division. Recently, each division’s budget has experienced dramatic cuts. Overall, the Police Department has had over 100 layoffs, including 15 police officers. One way for police to make necessary reparations is to increase the number of fines given to parking violators. An increase in tickets, and towing will help stabilize their department, in addition to helping towing companies increase their gains.

When police departments throughout the world feel similar economic pressures, they are forced to hand out more tickets. In Chula Vista this means they must uphold rules that seem arbitrary, but are clearly stated as laws. The law for parking vehicles in Chula Vista is that every vehicle must be moved within 72 hours, and not just moved a few feet down the street. The law specifically states that the vehicle must be driven.

This law has caught the attention of motorists, some whom do not drive frequently. According to the current law in Chula Vista, towing can occur if a motorist has a busy three day weekend, and does not need to drive. During the holidays, for instance, many typical commuters are spending their holiday time decorating their houses, visiting neighbors, or sleeping in late in the day. They could be enjoying some quality time with their families, and not realize that their vehicle has been towed away.

Strict laws in towing take place all over the country, and some parts of the world. Chula Vista is one instance of strict towing laws that are being enforced. These increases come out of survival, for without the economic boost provided by fines for parking, and towing, the Chula Vista Police Department and other departments in the city would experience more layoffs.


How to Tow a Big boat using a Small boat?


There are times when the engine of a boat is going to die out or run into problems. This can happen to any boat, so whether it is large or small, the engine can flood, burn out or just run into other problems. Should a larger boat’s engine fail, it is possible for a smaller boat to bring it in, although as the larger boat is going to put more strain on the smaller boat’s engine, it is important to follow through with some very specific procedures.

First, the boat needs to carefully come along side the boat along the side. It is necessary while the boats are alongside one another, facing the same direction, to keep a distance between the two. The smaller boat then needs to toss the tow line out to the larger boat. The larger boat now needs to tie the tow line to the bow eye at the front of the boat. When doing this, it is necessary to use the bowline to make a loop in the line. The bowline is not going to slip and it is not going to tighten up when put under pressure. Other knots can slip and become untied during the towing process.

It is important to use a large amount of line. 100 feet is desirable. As the larger boat has no way of slowing down, having more buffer room between the two boats is better. Once everything is connected, it is necessary to stay constant communication with the other boat through the radio. On top of this, the towed boat needs to leave the drive down. This way, the boat is not turned to one side or the other, which can make it difficult to turn in either direction.

Whenever towing another boat, especially a larger one, it is necessary to keep a sharp knife on hand in order to cut the other boat free, should it start to sink or run into other problems. From here, fire up the engines but do it slowly. The captain of the smaller boat needs to take precautions when bringing the large boat in and going slow is the best way to go. Going too fast can burn out the engine, which is going to require someone else to bring in both boats.

For auto towing services though, towing and auto repair in Santa Clara is available as the towing and auto repair in Santa Clara can assist with vehicle related problems.

How to Become an Auto Locksmith


It is not uncommon to get locked out of a car, and when that happens at odd times, it can be a huge hassle and inconvenience. Since 1990s, people with cars can no longer open their locked cars with a slim-jim tool pulling the door to operate on the lock mechanism. Modern cars are well-equipped and better secured than that. Fortunately, there are car locksmiths whom you can call 24/7 to unlock your cars in a relatively short period.

Locksmith keep themselves busy working from rental places and stores of their own like SMC Locksmith Calgary. They even serve people working from fully equipped trucks and expand their horizon. For example, SMC Locksmith Calgary professionals install, repair and service locks, open locks during emergencies, make keys, create and change locks, install or repair safes and vault doors and monitor locks and keys when needed. These days, locksmiths have high demand from auto companies. If you want to pursue a career as an auto locksmith, you need to complete some formal training program and earn national locksmith industry certification. For those who want to learn about it in detail, below are some useful information.

Step 1
Becoming an auto locksmith is a step by step journey. As a first step, you need to complete a comprehensive training program available in local trade schools or community colleges. There are online programs that make things easier as well, but online programs may not be an ideal choice for those who need hands-on practical knowledge. You can browse a list of schools on the Associated Locksmiths to find a locksmith training program near you.

Step 2
The next step is to earn certified auto locksmith designation. This certification is available through ALOA or the Associated Locksmiths of America. Several local sponsoring agencies associated with auto industry and insurance provide certification exams from time to time across the country for those interested in pursuing this career. For more information visit ALOA official website.

Step 3
Auto locksmith is one of those areas where auto enthusiasts can learn the techniques of locking and unlocking various vehicle models even from the comfort of their own homes. After getting the required certifications, you need to apply for a license mandatory in your state or city. Some states such as North Carolina and Illinois require the candidate to pass an exam and pay annual fees to obtain license. Other states base their exams on ALOA certification.

Steering wheel locked while parked

Cars are a very complicated beast and without the proper knowledge that companies like Roc Auto Repair & Towing have, they can be a bit baffling. That being said, there are a few features that are common in all cars and that help to keep us safe. The key, is understanding what they are, how they work, and what we can do to work around them. One common feature of cars that tends to send drivers into a tail spin of panic is the locking steering wheel.

It is helpful to first explain the phenomena then learn why it is in place and how it happens. When the car is put into park the gears, engine, and other features shut down until the key is engaged again and the engine starts up. In most cars, the steering wheel has a lock feature that when the car is put in park, the wheel locks. This can be felt as a total lock where the wheel cannot be moved at all or a partial lock where you can move the wheel a few inches to either the left or the right. Either way, most drivers tend to panic before they realize that it is just a simple steering wheel lock that is easily unlocked.
The next step to understanding this phenomena is to take a look at just why this feature is in place. When the car is put in park it is assumed that you are going to be driving again and that you are going to be reengaging the key. When the steering wheel locks, it helps to prevent children and people that should not be driving your car from just inserting the key and taking off. With a steering wheel lock, most children will not be able to figure it out thus making it harder for children to get in the car and take off on accident.

It is simple to disengage the steering wheel lock. First, insert your key partially then while turning the wheel slightly to relieve the pressure, finish inserting your key and start the car. Most cars, new and old, have this safety feature in place to keep small children from starting cars and running over other children, rolling into the street, or just plain getting hurt. The steering wheel lock is a very simple safety measure but it has done wonders to save the lives of children around the world when it comes to cars.

Towing Capacity Chart 2014

If you are looking to purchase a truck, chances are you want a truck you can tow equipment with. Whether it is for hauling loads for work or you want to hook up a camper, knowing the total towing capacity is very important.  That is why going over these different truck options is very important before you proceed with the right truck for you. you can consult Urban Towing Plano.


RAM 3500

Right now, this truck has the highest towing capacity of a civilian truck right now, without special modifications. It has a towing capacity of 30,000 pounds, which should allow you to tow just about anything.

Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD and GMC Sierra 3500 HD

Both these trucks from General Motors are essentially the exact same truck, just with a different name plate on it (and very slight variations inside). However, each truck is able to tow more than 23,000 pounds. Both these trucks and the RAM 3500 have a heavy-duty steel frame, so while the gas mileage might not be all that impressive, the towing is. Of course, the RAM 3500 has 7,000 more pounds of towing, but that might not be necessary, depending on what you are looking for in a truck

Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 Super Duty truck can tow 22,800, placing it just under the GM options. This is really going to come down to whether or not you like a Ford or GM vehicle better. Generally though, if you want a truck that can haul almost anything, you are going to want an American truck, as foreign trucks really are not able to offer this kind of towing (and most don’t really try to compete in this category either).

Ford F-150

If you are looking for a less expensive option but a truck that can still get it down, the Ford F-150 is the start-up truck form Ford now that the Ranger is no longer produced (at least in the United States). It offers up towing of 11,300, which is probably more than enough for general boat and camper towing. The fuel economy is desirable as well.

Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500

Again, this is basically the same truck from General Motors and the two are able to tow around 11,000 pounds of gear.

Nissan Titan

Had to toss in a foreign truck to show good faith. The Titan is able to tow up to 9,500 pounds of gear.